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VGS, Vertical Growing Systems

Vertical Growing Systems SA (Pty) Ltd VGS, is proudly investing in a controlled, agricultural Research and Development (R&D) centre located in Wellington, South Africa.

With a successful history that spans over 15 years, the main focus of the centre, is to design and develop plant specific, vertical farms and growing plans for specialised clients. The resultant success of investing in R&D processes on a variation of commodities will increase the diversity of grow room usage.

Vertical farming addresses the single most important need, for a sustainable food future, which is boosting the natural resource efficiency of agriculture, by producing more food per hectare, and per litre of water. Such gains, enhance productivity on the diminishing land availability, and the emissions from production processes.

VGS’s expertise lie in the development of these controlled environments, which we believe is critical, not just for food security, but for the future of pharmaceutical raw ingredient supply, as well as the increasing demand of organic animal feed.

Increasing population growth, combined with environmental destruction worldwide, creates an ever increasing demand on natural resources. Vertical farming offers significant benefits to human and animal health, as well as environmental sustainability by means of less water usage, less pollution and less transport to name but a few.

This technology not only increases employment levels and productivity, but also provides an opportunity to a new sector of individuals, giving them access to own their own farmland.

This is possible, without the need for large areas of land, allowing them an opportunity to establish a profitable, supply business. Vertical farming is rapidly becoming a profitable trend, that yields healthy rewards, without degrading our land, destroying wildlife and our environment, any further.

With the decrease of natural resources, deforestation, limited land, and carrying capacity of grazing, is concerns that can be addressed, with vertical farming technology.

This “VGS” R&D centre is an exciting milestone for our vertical farming offering, which will reinforce our vision in providing solutions for a greener, healthier future, and addressing our concerns with respect to sustainable agricultural practices.

We believe our R&D centre will enhance the future of the company, but also create immense opportunities for our farmers and clients.